(305) 423-0968

located: United States, Coral Gables - FL

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305-423-0968 is a contact number on a Cell Number. This tool is signed up in Coral Gables, Florida, FL.

Phone number styles: 423-0968 (Local dialling)   (305) 423-0968 (Domestic dialling)   +1-305-423-0968 (International dialling) 

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Report by Louis Long ago Unknown
I also keep getting calls over and over from 1-305 423-0968 and I conned them into giving me the real number to the Degree Spot where I could call them back. When I would get these calls from 1 305 423 0968, sometimes they would just hang-up when the calls would come in and then other times there would be a person on the phone saying that they were calling me from the Degree Spot and they were calling me in reference to my name being turned in about continuing my education. Then,  I would inform them that I did not turn my name in and ask them how they got my number and they would just hang-up. Today when I got a call from 1 305 423 0968 there was a person on the phone who told me the same thing and informed me that they were calling me from the Degree Spot about continuing my education where I had turned my name into them and I played along. I told them that I was very interested in continuing my education and that I wanted to hear more. I talked with them about 3 min and then I told them that I had an urgent call coming in that I had to take and I wanted to call them back to talk more about signing up for this program.  They tried putting me off and wanted to talk to me just a few minutes longer and I told them that I had to switch over and take the other call and that I did not have time to talk any longer  and ask them again if they could please give me their name and number to call them back. The man told me that I could call back at 1 888 729 7791. After we hung up, I did call this number back and it is the real number for the Degree Spot.  A man answered when I called and said Degree Spot.  To make sure that they did in fact call me and would not deny that they were the caller, I told the man that Sebastian called me about continuing my education and that he gave me this number to call him back at to continue our conversation regarding my interest. The man told me that he could speak to me in the place of Sebastian. Then I told the man that I did not ask that they call me and I wanted him to remove my name from his calling list or I would keep calling them back. The man did finally agree to remove my name and number from their data base and told me that his people would not call me back again. Be warned that these people are slick, you just have to be slicker than they are.
Report by Joan Long ago Unknown
I received this call on 10-11 and didn't answere before checking this site. The id on my phone was v011152222000754.  looks suspicious.   This is the third call today with different numbers.  091621 was the first  and 1002 was the second.
Report by intellegent Long ago Unknown
thank you for the info - I will goggle the website
Report by jessi Long ago Unknown
this site "IC3.com" is for crimes... not telemarketing...they ask for a paper trail, for proof of the "crime" this is a phone number, that calls. there is no paper trail & its a waste of the police departments time, they have real violent & child porn crimes to deal with.The best thing to do here is get your phones numbers on the DO NOT CALL LIST.... google the website....if you continue to get calls then you reply I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST, this is harassment and it will be reported.if the calls continue, contact your states attorney generals office & look up online the process to report harassment.... dont waste the police departments time on useless telemarketing crap! there are pedophiles posting child porn, and people stealing credit card info... those are REAL crimes. this is only annoying telemarketing calls- which is not violating any laws, if your not on a do not call list!
Report by kasuka414 Long ago Unknown
how would you categorize what these people want? They keep calling me too but I'm usually in class when it happens so I miss their call.
Report by Barbara Long ago Unknown
Everyone should report this number to IC3.com They will investigate it more.
Report by lina sanchez Long ago Unknown
no its 3054230968
Report by newcomer Long ago Unknown
Sorry it is actually V81717270000072
Report by newcomer Long ago Unknown
So I keep getting these calls from whoever this is and I didn't answer. they keep calling and its really making me made. For those of you with caller ID, is the name V8177270000072??????
Report by Barbara Long ago Unknown
I just received this call but did not pick it up and no message was left. When I called it back the number is busy. I think it may be a scammer from another country using a calling card to apply the phone number to the United States numbers.
Report by LCBrooks Long ago Unknown
Me too!  I don't even live in the Miami Dade Area!
Report by Barbara Long ago Unknown
Yes Nogalas I seen that as I googled it.
Report by nogalas Long ago Unknown
(305) 423-0968Name:Available In ReportAddress:Available In ReportCarrier:INTERMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS, INCCity/State:MIAMI-DADE, FLPhone Type:Landline
Report by lina sanchez Long ago Unknown
he called me like 5 times :(
Report by rbever Long ago Unknown
What a pain in the a**,call after call.There must be a way to return the harassment...........
Report by kat Long ago Unknown
I've gotten 2 calls from this number....let it go and didn't answer...they never leave a message. I want that jerk in Miami to quit wasting my time.
Report by Spazattack Long ago Unknown
If somebody would of did that i would tell them to shut up
Report by lina sanchez Long ago Unknown
he did that to me to too i was creeped like how did this person get my number???
Report by gk Long ago Unknown
yeah i just got a call from them like 5 mins ago, this hispanic lady asking if i wanted to further my educational intrests (only in high school) and then saying they recived an online application from me. im pretty sure i didnt register anything. i live no where near miami either.
Report by Shannon Long ago Unknown
This guy called me and when I answered I just heard background noise so I said "hello" again and then he started talking about my educational interests and if I wanted to further my education in graphic design or something. When I said no, he asked if I was interested in anything else so I said I don't know (because I'm only in high school) and he just hung up without saying anything. When I called back I just got a busy signal.
Report by ytern Long ago Unknown
just got a call from this guy. sounded like he was in a crowded area. i said hello and he hung up.
Report by brian partridge Long ago Unknown
i want this number to quit calling me and hanging up

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1 Report Long ago Unknown
Keeps calling no message.  Just started in the past 2 weeks.


1 Report Long ago Unknown
Called my cell. No message.


1 Report Long ago Unknown
Received a call from this number. Answered and they hung up.


1 Report Long ago Unknown
got missed call from this number


2 Report Long ago Unknown
I wouldn't let them counsel my DOG!


2 Report Long ago Unknown
I want the number for Lighthouse Psychological Services Inc. - Christian Counseling, Psychologist in San Diego. Is this the one?


1 Report Long ago Unknown
Got a phone call from this number. No voice message left.

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