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305-423-7436 is a contact number on a Cell Number. This tool is signed up in Coral Gables, Florida, FL.

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Report by Sarah Long ago Unknown
I just recently have reported this robert Wood and William Black to the FBI and my local Police department because I fell for their bs and actuallu submitted a payment to them. They also asked me to fax a statement stating who I was the last four of my social and my payment arangement to their attorney's office. I also fell for this and tried to fax the information because he was able to tell me all of my personal information, and come to find out the phone number 302-269-9936 is an invalid number. He then gave me his "personal" fax number 206-202-5619 that was not in this country. Thats when I started getting suspicious. So I then started to research these numbers and found that it is a fraud collection company that has purchased all of my personal information from an online payday loan company I had recently tried getting a personal loan with. This payday company SOLD my information to anybody! I hope that these people get caught!
Report by yesenia Long ago Unknown
I recevied a call with a person by the name of officer Robert Woods. Mr. Woods ask if my social security was and banking information. I refused to relase that information they did know what bank I banked with. The funny thing is that I just opened this bank account. I'm very concerned on how they received this information.
Report by Lenny Long ago Unknown
Called my residence claiming to be officer Robert Wood and having a warrant for my arrest.
Report by Shocked Long ago Unknown
I just received a call exactly as described by the others today. Only my caller said his name was Michael. They were calling for the person who previously had my cell #. I answered the line and told them they have the wrong number. With a very heavy accent he asked for my name. I told him wrong # and hung up. He also left a voicemail. From what little I understood he said he was from the Bureau of Investigation and not to ignore his call. He also wished me "Good Luck" if I didn't call back. Well, good luck to them to try and get anything out of me!!!
Report by Sick and Tired Long ago Unknown
I have been receiving calls from this man named Robert Wood (Officer) stating that I have an up paid Loan and is going to arrest me and or press chargers for fraud. I know I don't have anything out there like that so I know this is a scam. I wish I could stop them from calling me  because they are calling my office line. Another name they have left is Max Pena as well.
Report by Richard Long ago Unknown
Called claiming to be an officer
Report by Disgusted Long ago Unknown
Tried calling my wife 3 mos ago, now resorting to calling my in laws and threatening them over the phone. A Howard Wood, with a thick accent calling mother in law. We've filed a report with local sherriff office and caller used this number since other number was blocked last time.
Report by This Just In... Long ago Unknown
Consumer Alert: Attorney General warns Kansans of debt collection scamJanuary 29, 2010 -- Attorney General Steve Six is cautioning Kansas consumers about telephone calls from apparent fake debt collectors who are impersonating law enforcement officers in an effort to extort money from consumers.   Consumers are warned to not submit payments to these fraudulent debt collectors.When calling, the scammers most often state they are attempting to collect a debt related to an internet payday loan obtained by the consumer, but which the consumer never repaid.  Consumers state they have never obtained such a loan or paid off the loan years ago.  The scam artists have most recently identified themselves as ACS, National Affidavit Processing Department and United Financial Crime Division, but may use additional phony names.  It appears the phone numbers used by the scammers are “spoofed” numbers, so that the number appearing on a consumer’s caller ID is not the actual number of where the call originated. It appears the calls in question may be originating from outside the United States.When questioned, the individual calling refuses to disclose the full name or address of the collection agency they claim to represent.  These scammers have been able to provide consumers with identifying information, such as the consumer’s social security number, home address, e-mail address, names of family members and the consumer’s computer IP address.  Since the callers are able to provide valid personal information, consumers may become confused and believe they are being contacted in regard to a legitimate debt.If the initial debt collection scam is unsuccessful, consumers have been re-contacted months later with the scammers posing as law enforcement officers or officers of the court.  Typically, the consumer is threatened with arrest for fraud or some other fictitious crime unless the consumer agrees to immediately wire money via Western Union.  The fictitious officers strive to frighten and confuse consumers into compliance by using legal sounding terms such as “We’re filing an affidavit against you” or by stating a lawsuit has been or is in the process of being filed against the consumer.A hallmark of each scam has been calling consumers repeatedly at their place of employment.  This scam hit home when an employee of the Kansas Attorney General’s Office was repeatedly called both on her cell phone and at work.  Despite the employee’s repeated verbal disputes, the caller refused to provide any identifying information to allow her to send a written dispute. The scammer also continued to call her numerous times a day regarding a payday loan she denied obtaining. Two months later, she was again contacted by telephone by an individual identifying himself as an “officer”. “I denied owing the debt and refused to pay without being provided validation of the debt. I was then told, ‘If that’s the case, I will have local law enforcement come to your place of business and drag you out kicking and screaming’,” stated the employee.“It is important for consumers to know their rights under the law,” Attorney General Six said. “If a consumer is receiving calls from a debt collection company and believe it is a scam, I encourage them to contact our office immediately.”Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), collectors are required to send consumers a written notice within five days of the initial contact.  The notification should contain  information such as the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor to whom the debt is owed and a statement informing the consumer they have thirty days to contact the debtor in writing to dispute the debt or request validation of the debt. In addition, legitimate debt collectors are prohibited by the FDCPA from making false or misleading representations, such as the consumer has committed a crime, implying nonpayment will result in the consumer’s arrest, or using the threat of violence.More information is available on the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act at http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre27.pdf. To register a complaint with the Kansas Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division, call 1(800) 432-2310 or visit www.ksag.org.http://www.ksag.org/page/consumer-alert-attor ... collection-scam
Report by Jazzdreamer54 Long ago Unknown
Officer Robert Wood calls my job and haress me about money that I owe to a US National Bank and that they are going to arrest me and call my supervisor to let them know that I am a crook and monsy launder. I told him that he has to do what he has to do. I ask that they send me a fax of my Capias which is out of TX, I live in Ohio, this came fromOscar Trevino and the fax number is out of PA. i am so sick of all the threats and calls .So now I just do not answer the phine when I see the number on my caller id.
Report by Wickey Long ago Unknown
Officer Clark?? with a HEAVY Arab accent states he needs to speak with me immediately, do not ignore the call, he needs to hear from me or my attorney of record.  He said if I ignore him,  all he can wish me is good luck, after that the situation falls on me.
Report by LAMET Long ago Unknown
LONG RUNNING AND KNOWN SCAM – ALL OVER INTERNET AND NEWS FOR ALMOST 2 YEARS NOW Fake Debt Collectors – Terrorizing Consumers http://abcnews.go.com/Business/story?id=5621205&page=1MORE ON FAKE DEBT COLLECTORS http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-904-425-9141http://www.thepittsburghchannel.com/call4action/17285785/detail.htmlhttp://www.800helpfla.com/newsletter/2008/092008.htmlhttp://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2010/01/ks_debt_collection.html   latest release of information on this scamhttp://www.wvago.gov/internetloanscam.cfmAttorney General Darrell McGraw took the extraordinary step today of warning the public about a band of scam artists making threats to consumers who allegedly obtained Internet payday loans in West Virginia and across the nation. The consumers they threaten never obtained a loan at all or paid it off years ago.Internet payday loans are short-term loans or cash advances, usually for 14 days, made over the Internet via interactive web sites and secured by an agreement authorizing debits of the loan and all fees owed from the consumer’s checking account. These loans typically charge interest rates ranging from 600-800 APR and are unlawful in West Virginia. The scam artists, who speak English with a foreign accent, call themselves “U.S. National Bank,” “Federal Investigation Bureau,” “United Legal Processing” and numerous other phony names. They refuse to disclose real names and addresses and are believed to be operating “off the grid” from homes, automobiles, or from off shore locations or foreign countries, including India. Since the scammers have kept themselves purposely well hidden, thus far no law enforcement agencies have succeeded in locating or shutting them down.The scammers typically pose as law enforcement officers, investigators, lawyers, and bankers and threaten consumers that they will be arrested for “bank fraud” or other fictitious crimes unless money is wired immediately. They simultaneously scare and confuse consumers by using meaningless legalese gobbledygook phrases such as, “We are downloading warrants against you” or “We are filing an affidavit against you.” Consumers who don’t immediately fall for the scam are warned, “Only God can help you now.” The scammers almost always call consumers at work several times a day, and tell their supervisors, “Your employee has committed fraud and is about to be arrested.” Such threats have proven unsettling even to the most savvy consumers and employers who suspect the calls are fraudulent. Attorney General McGraw stated, “Ordinarily my office protects consumers from fraudulent activities by seeking injunctions in court. But legal action cannot be taken until the scam artists can be located. Even then, it is unlikely that the persons behind the fraudulent calls and extortionist threats would obey a court order. In this case, the consumer’s best defense is to be armed with the knowledge of the scam so that all demands for money can be resisted, despite the false but scarey threats of arrest.”McGraw added, “Because the fraudsters make a special point of calling consumers repeatedly at work, employers must understand that the consumers are innocent victims of a criminal enterprise and cannot stop the calls from coming. I also wish to assure the citizens of West Virginia that my office will continue to do everything possible to locate and shut down the outlaw debt collectors.” More information about this fraudulent debt collection scheme is available at the Attorney General’s website, www.wvago.gov/internetloanscam. Any consumers who have been threatened by these persons or wish to file a complaint about another consumer matter may do so by calling the Consumer Protection Hot Line, 1-800-368-8808, or by obtaining a complaint form from the Attorney General’s web site.It's a debt collection scam. And all their threats are false and illegal.This is a very active group of scammers, many of whom are calling from India (and probably other countries) and are in cahoots with a group of American pay day loan scammers. They attempt to extort money from consumers with a myriad of false and illegal threats, and alternately pose as debt collectors, federal and state law enforcement officers, lawyers and bankers. Their trademark is to use meaningless legalese gobblygook phrases like "We are downloading warrants against you" or "We are filing an affidavit against you." Another trademark phrase is to threaten the consumer with something like this ridiculous phrase: "If you don't pay then only God can help you."Typical of many financial scams of this variety, they usually demand payment via Western Union or MoneyGram or credit card. They use any number of phony names such as US National Bank, Federal Investigation Bureau, US Legal Investigation Bureau, Hopkins Law Office, United Legal Processing, Morgan Associates, United Pay Services, National Processing, White Collar Crime Unit and many more.  These criminals also use many phone numbers from many area codes; they're probably using caller-id spoofing software and/or VoIP to disguise their real location.The main thing to remember is that anytime someone calls you demanding money to prevent your arrest, or demanding your lawyer's name so they can sue you, it is ALWAYS a scam. No debt collector (let alone criminals posing as debt collectors) has the authority to have anyone arrested for anything. (And it's illegal to them to threaten such a thing.) And since these foreign dirtbags routinely impersonate law enforcement, it's also important to remember that American law enforcement officers aren't in the business of debt collection.  (Debt is a civil, not a criminal, matter.)The bottom line is, these are criminals trying to steal your money.A consumer posting a complaint about these same scammers at http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-718-831-7157 notes that 718-831-7157 is associated with an India-based "outsourcing" telephone bank.  Though a reverse search on WhitePages.com shows that 718-831-7157 is an unlisted land line in New York City, information on Debtbuyers.Com shows that that number is used by India-based Intellisourze. (Source: http://www.debtbuyers.com/debtbuyers.asp ) My guess is that it's a VoIP phone number.This is another piece of the puzzle that fits in perfectly with other information about this scam. There are some reports on 800Notes that have suggested that the crooks behind this offshore scam are also the crooks behind the notorious Bass/Ellis Crosby & Assoc./States Predisposition scams in Florida and Georgia. The interesting thing is that the number of complaints on here about the US National Bank/US Legal Investigation/Federal Investigation scam skyrocketed *after* April 7, 2008 when Florida obtained a $1.3 million judgment against Ted Ellis Crosby, shutdown his operations and barred him from ever conducting debt collections in Florida (Read http://myfloridalegal.com/newsrel.nsf/newsrel ... 5257424005858A6 ) There's certainly a good chance that the crooks placing these calls from India are doing so on behalf of the American crooks behind the Crosby/Bass/States Predisposition scams.Here's the contact information for the phone bank in India: IntellisOurzE BPO701, Sapphier, Nr. Cargo Motors,C.G. Road Navrangpura,Ahmedabad - 9. (Guj.) INDIA.E-Mail: info@intellisourze.comWebsite: www.intellisourze.com A check on the domain name "intellisourze.com" shows that the website and name registration was created on May 8, just one month *after* the Crosby scams were shut down in Florida:Domain Name: INTELLISOURZE.COMRegistrant:  Pragra Infratech Pvt. Limited.Email:  ankur.ranpariya@pragra.com   908, Aksaht Tower, Nr. ICICI BankOpp. Rajpath Club, S.G. HighwayAhmedabad, Gujarat, India 380054Tel. +91.7926871353Creation Date: 08-May-2008Expiration Date: 08-May-2009Domain servers in listed order: ns5.znetindia.com ns4.znetindia.com(Source: http://whois.domaintools.com/intellisourze.com )Though scam calls from these crooks have been going on long before May 8, the frequency of complaints about these calls increased considerably after Crosby was shut down in early April.This is conjecture, but appearances suggest that Crosby and company were originally running a two-pronged payday loan scam operation -- with some calls being made from Jacksonville, Florida and other calls being made from a phone bank in India (and possibly other countries); then, after the Florida Attorney General shut down the Crosby scams in Florida, the Crosby crooks transferred most of their scam efforts to the India phone bank.If you are targeted by these criminals, be sure to report them to all the following federal and state law enforcement agencies (most of which you can do online or over the phone): 1.    The U.S. Secret Service is responsible for protecting the country's financial infrastructure and payment systems from international and domestic threats. Call or write your local Secret Service field office to alert them to the details of this attempted extortion. The addresses and phone numbers for the local Secret Service field offices are listed at http://www.secretservice.gov/field_offices.shtml or in your phone book.2.    Alert the FBI at https://tips.fbi.gov Be sure to tell the FBI that you are being targeted by extortionists over the phone. And if the crooks claim to be law enforcement or lawyers, officers of the court or bankers, be sure to include that information in your report.3.    File a complaint with your local police. Most police departments will take a report over the phone.  Be sure to tell them that you're being targeted by an extortionist and give them all the details.4.    File a complaint your state's attorney general, the contact information for whom is at www.wvago.gov5.    File a complaint online with The Federal Trade Commission at https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/FTC_Wizard.aspx?Lang=enIf these crooks call back, promise them nothing, pay them nothing and tell them nothing other than that you know they're a scam and that you've reported them to law enforcement. (And be sure to report them to all the agencies above each time they call you.)By the way, here's just a small sample of numbers used by this particular group of scammers. Read the reports and you'll see the same pattern time and again -- phony organization names, thick foreign accents, and oddly worded threats that are so melodramatic and ridiculous that it's laughable:http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-925-262-1327http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-678-954-6346http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-888-341-4004http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-856-831-0640http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-949-743-1140http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-410-505-8128http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-917-464-2534http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-210-858-6602http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-888-775-2121http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-949-743-1156http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-214-245-1402http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-214-245-0922http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-214-723-5572http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-904-425-2863http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-718-831-7157http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-904-425-2857http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-858-244-0444http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-954-678-9724http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-610-571-3252http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-310-909-8245http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-310-499-9983 http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-888-771-9249   Scammer posting here as GARY and GARRY JONES http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-866-860-4509   Scammer posting here as Mike Hendersonhttp://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-212-500-0839   Scammer posting here as Ricky http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-201-244-7722   Scammer posting as Carole, David Brown and AmandaScam alert: Bogus debt collectorsBy Leslie McFadden • Bankrate.comMonday, Aug. 3Posted 2 p.m.Bankrate reporter Leslie McFadden contributed this entry.This scam isn't technically about credit cards, but it is scary enough to post a warning. The Better Business Bureau issued an alert today saying consumers across the country are getting phone calls from bogus debt collectors claiming default on a payday loan. Of course, the consumer needs to pay a large fee to avoid arrest -- as much as $1,000.The caller poses as a lawyer, and may threaten extradition to face trial if the consumer doesn't pay up immediately.What makes these calls alarming -- and perhaps convincing -- is that the perpetrators reference the consumer's personal information, such as the person's Social Security number, driver's license number, previous bank account numbers, home address -- even personal references."The amount of information they have is really troubling," says BBB spokeswoman Alison Southwick. She adds that the amount of data points to a possible security breach.Spread the word to your friends and family: Don't give out personal or financial information to an unknown caller. Scammers can spoof Caller ID to display different numbers, so trust your instincts over technology.The BBB offers these tips:•    Ask the debt collector to provide official documentation which substantiates the debt. •    Do not provide or confirm any bank account, credit card or other personal information over the phone until you have confirmed the legitimacy of the call. •    File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission online if the caller is abusive, uses threats or otherwise violates federal telemarketing laws or the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. •    File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau online if you believe a debt collector is trying to scam yo
Report by Stunned4sure Long ago Unknown
I just can't believe this. My jaw has not shut since I read all of these similiar posts. It is hard to admit that I accepted a stupid pay day loan a while back. Times were tough and I did what I had to. I paid my debt back to Midland Financial, needless to say I was quite surprised to get a phone call The office of Robert Wood Loan Investigation department. He said he received paperwork on me from the federal crime protecion division. I was the prime suspect in a fraudulent act with US National Bank. Let me just share with you how hard it was to understand anything that he was saying b/c his accent was so thick. He went round and round about how I was being taken to court. I asked him to mail me documentation so I could review the debt he was claming I owed. I wanted to have the opportunity to review it and do some research. He told me he was not legally obligated to do so (yes, he is). I asked him to email me notification of the debt. He refused. He finally told me he would call the original creditor (Midland Marketing) and ask them to email it to me. When he said Midland Marketing a light bulb came on and I told him I had already paid that debt. I just needed a minute to find my paperwork. When I told him it was Midland Financial he said 'NO' it is Midland Marketing...different company. I was really starting to get suspiscious at this point. He proceeded to tell me that he would find out if the creditor would email me the notfication of my debt. He called me a few minutes later and told me Oscar Travino would be emailing me the paperwork. I did receive an email from Oscar about an hour later...his email address is: oscartrevino123@gmail.com. Are you freaking kidding me? I could have created that personal GMail acct. When I called this gentleman back (remember the first time it was the office of Robert Wood)... he announced himself as Robert Wood. I informed 'Mr Wood' that I had the right to demand a letter from his company in writing. He told me he did not have to. He blamed me for avoiding to pay my debt. I looked up Midland Financial and Midland Marketing online, they are the same company. When I informed him of this... he told me they were not. I told him I was going to report him to the Attorney General of Florida and he said go ahead. He continued to speak over me so I finally hung up the phone. If I can give any adivice to people out there... Keep all documentation for your records! Know your rights - you have the right to request the companies request in writing. Do your research. Some companies go by multiples names...make sure you are not paying the same debt twice. Good Luck to those who work hard for what they have and try to make things right.
Report by dg Long ago Unknown
I have received many harassing phone calls to my cell and work, for a group claiming to be a collection bureau for businesses I have never dealt with.  Unfortunately in the past I was not thinking when I applied for online loans.  They have threatened my family and my job.  They state that they are with the FBI or the United Nations.  I hadn't heard from them for about a year other than in emails that I deleted.  And I thought this was over.  They are claiming that they made a deposit into an account that hasn't been open since 2006. The phone number for them is (305)423-7436.  The gentleman that I dealt with was calling himself "Officer Mark Greeno".  When he first called, he referred to himself as Mark Santos, trying to sound like one of the people that I deal with at my office.  My coworker took a message for me to return his call, since I was otherwise occupied.  When I first returned his call he states " Oh I, busy at the moment, I'll call you right back."  The sounds in the background were like those in a garage.  When he called me back the whole story changed.  Now he was an Officer calling on behalf of "Midland Financial" a company that I had dealt with in the past.  He informed me that he would be having me served with court papers tomorrow and that I would be fired from my job.  I told him that that debt had been settled. He gave me a fax ph# (206)203-2866 that he said he must have or again I would be arrested.  I contacted the company that I had settled the debt with.  They confirmed that I had settled the debt and that my balance was at a zero balance.  They were also appalled that someone else was claiming to represent a client of theirs so rudely.  They were kind enough to forward to me a receipt showing that this information was correct.  I faxed the receipt showing settlement to "Officer Greeno".  When I called him to inform him that the fax was coming, now the name of the company changed from "Midland Financial" to "Midland Marketing".  He said that he would review the fax and call me back.  After 20 minutes he called me back, claiming that since the letter didn't say either of the Midland companies that he could not accept it.  I told him that the Supervisor had instructed me to have them call her if there were any problems.  He told me that he was not authorized to call anyone regarding any other payments.  But he did say that he did speak to the attorney for Midland and they would agree to reduce my balance from the amount that I had paid on my last payment to Mercantile.  Now by balance would be $3??.??.  Strange, if I do say so myself.  I kindly informed him that I would be registering a complaint with my Utah Attorney General's Office.  That they would be more than interested in what has gone on. I hope that you will be able to assist me and any others who have been entangled in this situation.
Report by dg Long ago Unknown
They got me too.  Hope we can stop them in their tracks.  They are clearly in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act.  Report them to your State Attorney General.
Report by Kathy Long ago Unknown
I have received numerous phone calls from these people harassing myself and co-workers at work.   They state they are from the United States Bureau of Investigation and are representing themselves as officers.    They have been repeatedly told not to call my place of employment but continue to do so.    The caller ID on our phone is coming in as Strook & Lavan which is a law firm in Miami but I am positive that a legal firm knows the Fair Debt collection Act.     These people barely speak English
Report by Secret Squirrel Long ago Unknown
Fake Debt Collectors and Collection TacticsIf consumers did not have enough to worry about having to deal with rising credit card interest rates, late fees and over-limit fees, zombie debt, and fervent bill collectors, now we have to worry about collectors calling about fake debt.While many legitimate collection agencies follow the FDCPA, there are some collectors out there that are only running a scam operation and will be quick to use threats and scare tactics to get you to pay up quick. Their scams turn up in mailboxes, on the internet and through the telephone every day. Some collectors pose as national banks, government agencies (FBI, CIA), or even popular celebrity stars to gain personal information. These phony collectors may threaten to repossess your house, issue a warrant for your arrest, or even garnish your pay check, all of which are against the FDCPA rules. Some of which are even laughable (for example, there is no debtor’s prison in the United States).Fake debt scammers rely on the fear and lack of knowledge about debt collection laws within the population. They also figure that a certain percentage of their calls will be received by individuals who may be carrying debt on credit cards anyway and may be susceptible to intimidation. When collectors use misleading statements and fail to provide identification, they are breaking the law. Never pay money to a possible thief. Keep cool when you hear from collectors to avoid this collection abuse.Many times, people who took out payday loans online in the past are most susceptible. If you took a payday loan, be aware scammers may have access to your Social Security number and other personal information, and keep your guard up against such tactics.Ironically, real "deadbeats" probably wouldn't fall for these scammers, since they have no intention of repaying their creditors anyway. But upright citizens may doubt themselves, thinking they've forgotten to pay a bill. Many times, the sums involved tend to be fairly small, so some people may be tempted to just pay the "bill" and "get it over with."Ways to Protect Yourself Against Debt Collection ScamsReview your credit report frequently to find inaccuracies. Be aware of your current creditors and how much you owe. Ask creditors for identification before you provide any information over the telephone. Reporting Fake Debt CollectorsIf you ever receive a call from anyone identifying himself as a debt collector, the law requires that the debt collector provide you with identification, and that the debt collector refrain from making misleading and threatening statements.You can report any problems you have to your state Attorney General’s office www.naag.org and the Federal Trade Commission www.ftc.gov. Many states have their own debt collection laws that are different from the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Your Attorney General’s office can help you determine your rights under your state’s law.http://www.internetautoguide.com/credit-cente ... on-tactics.html
Report by Teresa Long ago Unknown
Caller used name Officer Robert Wood said he's from Federal Investagations Dept. Has a warrant for my arrest from United National Bank out if Pa. For a deposit made twice into an account I don't even have or ever had in the amount of $500 total. Threatened to have me arrested if I didn't send him the money he was requesting with in 2 days... This is a scam.. I reported it to my local sherriff dept as well.
Report by Teresa Long ago Unknown
Caller used name Officer Robert Wood said he's from Federal Investagations Dept. Has a warrant for my arrest from United National Bank out if Pa. For a deposit made twice into an account I don't even have or ever had in the amount of $500 total. Threatened to have me arrested if I didn't send him the money he was requesting with in 2 days... This is a scam.. I reported it to my local sherriff dept as well.
Report by Donna Long ago Unknown
Used named Robert Wood (Officer) this is the third time in the past couple of years they have called me trying to scam me out of money
Report by N v Long ago Unknown
Caller says that he is with the United States Bureau of Investigation and he has a warrant for my arrest.

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I wouldn't let them counsel my DOG!


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I want the number for Lighthouse Psychological Services Inc. - Christian Counseling, Psychologist in San Diego. Is this the one?


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